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7 habits of highly effective behaviour management

This time, the topic of the week is the 7 habits of highly effective behaviour management.


This week, Paul and Kevin discuss 7 habits of highly successful behaviour management. Like Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, these habits have the power to help you transform and maintain great behaviour management in your setting. We also have some great suggestions for habits from listeners which you can see here. Please feel free to add your own!

Paul’s 7 habits:

1. Meet and greet at the door – the best early intervention in behaviour management is at the door.

2. Catch students doing the right thing – nobody wants insincere praise and it can be easy to catch children doing the wrong thing so develop the ability to catch those more challenging students doing the right thing.

3. Deal with poor behaviour privately and calmly – avoid as much as possible the public humiliation or public sanctioning of students

4. Relentlessly build mutual trust – the relationship you have with students sustains you and carries on into the future.

5. Directly teach the behaviours and learning attitudes you want to see – have a plan so that you know the behaviours you are trying to teach and the students know what behaviours they are trying to learn.

6. Talk about values – never talk about behaviours in isolation – always relate them back to the culture you are trying to build and the values and truths you have as a class and as a teacher.

7. Follow up follow up follow up – teachers who follow up are the ones the children decide to behave differently for. Write it down if you have a difficult incident with a student, then you have the control back – you can decide when and how to follow up. As usual, Paul stresses that to begin with it’s best to focus on one of these habits, then move on to the next once it’s had time to embed.


  • Paul is speaking at the Babcock 4S Secondary NQT Conference on Saturday 30th November 2013 in GUildford, UK
  • Early notification – Improving discipline, raising attendance and boosting achievement – a conference by Teachology – 7th February, 2014, London, UK

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