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One of the responsibilities of my job is assisting the trainers during the preparation phase for their events, and essentially collating their training resources into a dedicated webpage. It goes without saying that this led me to read and be very familiar with the resources that are used during the training sessions. In fact, when it comes to resources, jokingly, I see  myself as the search engine of the company: you need resources on scripts? Here they are. You need resources on praise – here they are! Challenge me to dig out resources that have been forgotten or buried for years and you might be pleasantly surprised.


Throughout the years, I have found myself reading loads of interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring resources that help teachers, course delegates and to be honest “ordinary” people such as myself. These are really invaluable goodies that staff are looking forward to having access to after their training. And yet, not everyone may be aware that loads of these priceless resources are freely available on the Pivotal website – no catch!


These resources can really make a difference for teachers and their students as they provide valid support and real food for thought. They are brilliant materials and include activities, practical exercises, suggestions and advice from experts. Likewise, they are an excellent starting point should you want to embark on more in depth research. They may even help you to reflect and understand yourself better. You will find references to books and authors that will help you to develop ideas and explore a range of subjects. If you wish to start your learning journey then these resources are a good place to start.


Amongst my favourite are:


Changing your mindset

I love this clip because it makes you realise how important a positive mindset is. To quote a phrase that circulates on the internet and that I love: a negative mind will never give you a positive life!


How learners push your emotional buttons

Our subconscious can not understand negations. Try not to think of a pink elephant…


Language and the art of positive manipulation

I wish I had learnt about the fogging technique and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) earlier! It works even with difficult adults.


Assertiveness, choice and endless shades of disappointment

This makes you realise that you have always a choice and pushes to think about  how children see you as an adult.


Clever Comebacks for Reluctant Learners

This has reminded me why we have to study algebra in the first place 🙂


Which are your favourites?

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