Pivotal Education is now known as CPI and the pivotal behaviour training programme has become Classroom Culture:

  • Experience whole staff Hearts and Minds training from one of our Global Professional Instructors
  • Receive Classroom Culture (train the trainer) Instructor Programme.
  • Embrace and start to embed the Five Principles of Practice
  • Make significant changes towards improving the culture of your school and develop consistent practice starting with a Behaviour and Culture Health Check
  • Clarify what measurable changes you wish to make on improving behaviour within your school.
  • Identify the evidence and how the approach is having a positive impact on both adults and learners.



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Improve behaviour across your organisation

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Manage extreme behaviour in a specialised way

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In 2017, Pivotal Education Ltd was acquired by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). CPI provides de-escalation and intervention training for professionals working within the health, education, social care, mental health, and learning disability sectors. The CPI suite of programmes includes a tiered approach to the behaviour continuum – Universal, Targeted and Specialist.

We will show you exactly what steps you need to go through to improve behaviour in your classroom and throughout your school or college. We will lead you through whole organisation behaviour change.