Behaviour Change

Pivotal Education is an education training consultancy working across the whole of the UK and internationally. We are the leading Behaviour Specialists the UK.

There are over 1000 schools and colleges using the Pivotal approach to behaviour management, a proven system that works in every classroom, with every adult and every learner.

We will show you exactly what steps you need to go through to improve behaviour in your classroom and throughout your school or college. We will lead you through whole organisation behaviour change.

The Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice underpin everything we do:

  1. Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  2. First attention for best conduct
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripting difficult interventions
  5. Restorative follow up

Training is available through instructor courses, online programmes, INSET, taster sessions and even the Pivotal Podcast and Blog.

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