A Pivotal School has:

  • Received whole staff training from one of our Pivotal trainers
  • Have received Pivotal Curriculum Instructor Training (train the trainer) Programme.
  • Embraced and started to embed the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice.
  • Made significant changes towards improving the culture of the school and developing consistent practice.
  • Clarified what measurable changes they wish to make on improving behaviour within their school.
  • Evidence that the Pivotal Approach is having a positive impact on both adults and learners.



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Pivotal Education is an education training consultancy working across the whole of the UK and internationally. We are the leading Behaviour Specialists in the UK. There are over 1000 schools and colleges using the Pivotal approach to behaviour management, that can work in every classroom, with every adult and every learner.

We will show you exactly what steps you need to go through to improve behaviour in your classroom and throughout your school or college. We will lead you through whole organisation behaviour change.