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5 positive tips to keep control

Written by Paul Dix

Detention, duties and instant exclusion are all so last century. Transform behaviour by tweaking your practice with 5 thoroughly modern, practical and simple ideas.

1. Train students to take over duties.

It is madness to pay teachers to stand in the corridor at break repeating, ‘You can’t take food out of the canteen’ in a robotic tone when students can police themselves. In many schools the prefects seem to have a great deal of privilege but little responsibility. In others the word ‘prefect’ is met with a hazy ‘oh yes, we used to have some but they got disinterested’ response. Properly trained, badged and supported they can easily deal with the functional, repetitive and ultimately minor behaviours so that breaks and lunchtimes run smoothly. They can be on the door at the beginning and end of the day, help with moving children towards lessons on time and supervise the loading and unloading of buses. In many Primary Schools there are well-developed and successful peer behaviour management programs that allow students to self-manage in social times. If your older students have all the rights but none of the responsibilities how does that fit with your ethos lower down the school? What kind of role models are we expecting them to be?


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