Iain White

Iain White
Senior Trainer

Iain White: Senior Trainer

Iain has 25 years’ experience as a Headteacher in two secondary schools. A teacher, trainer and now writer, Iain spent 20 years in a Local Authority School with a catchment area amongst the most deprived in Scotland. During his time there he led on transforming the curriculum and devising a skills based vocational approach; bringing national recognition to the school. For a further 5 years, he ran an Independent school, focusing on re-engaging students who were disengaged from LA schools. Iain worked with the students, developing positive relationships, community partnerships and focusing on vocational skills, resulting in a positive destination for all.

During his career, it became very clear to Iain that a punitive approach to behaviour management did not work. Through his involvement with the City of Birmingham and its Framework for Intervention, he looked at the role of the adult in creating a positive learning environment, and how adults can change and make environmental improvements-  with the emphasis on ‘catching them getting it right’. Iain is delighted to be working alongside Pivotal, whose approach he feels so aligns with his own. Iain is looking forward to his own Pivotal journey.

Over the years, Iain has contributed extensively to national and local conferences and seminars. His topics have ranged from developing a positive school culture, international experiences for students and  empowerment for schools at the local level. As well as being a sought-after speaker, Iain has written extensively for education magazines and newsletters on a variety of strategic and operational themes. He contributed a chapter to Scottish Education (5th Ed) a detailed, informed and critical account of contemporary education in Scotland. It was published by Edinburgh University Press and is intended as the definitive textbook for students training to be in Scotland.

Key Areas:

  • Leadership
  • Relationships as the key to successful learning
  • Changing organisational culture
  • Meeting student needs and aspirations.