Lynsie Monro

Lynsie Monro
Principal Trainer

Lynsie Monro: Principal Trainer

Following the completion of her BA degree from Bournemouth University, Lynsie began her career in teaching with the role of Nursery Nurse and then as a Teaching Assistant for a local primary school. After deciding that this was the career for her, she undertook her PGCE at Brunel University, teaching at a multicultural inner-city school in West London, and then at Tanglin Trust School (Singapore); the oldest British International school in South East Asia. Lynsie combined her responsibilities as a Class Teacher with those of a Teaching and Learning Mentor.

Upon returning to the UK, she taught as a school leader for Ark Globe Academy (South London). During this time, she worked alongside the Senior Leadership Team and the Ark network’s leads to provide insight and to influence the review and development of policy documentation and identification of key features/subject priorities for Teaching and Learning, the Curriculum and Pastoral aspects of the school.

“In my view, the impact of an ever changing and improving technology, combined with increasing complexity of today’s world, presents both new opportunities and new challenges for, and puts new demands on, education. Without the tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently manage behaviour there is a clear and present danger that many potentially excellent teachers will be lost to the profession- thereby diluting the prospects of the primary school pupil community”

Since the start of her career, Lynsie has come to recognise that the most important feature of the system has not changed; learners come first. Using her wealth of experience to date, Lynsie is excited to promote a the need for collaborative profession characterised by innovation, solution -focused ideas and a relentless drive in order to reduce the number of good practitioners leaving the classroom. She believes we need to do whatever it takes to capitalise on the talents and energies of our teachers to support them in genuinely changing the course of a child’s future. Lynsie is passionate about participating in- and contributing to- the life changes of young people through the continual improvement in primary school education.

Key Areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Academy School Improvement Leadership
  • International School- Teaching and Mentoring