Pivotal Education Ltd is a multi award winning Education Consultancy working in the UK and Internationally. Founded in 2001 Pivotal Education has always been committed to providing exceptional training for teachers and across institutions. Our aim is to practice what we preach, to train teachers as skilfully as the best teachers teach students.

Our experienced in-house training team work with a huge variety of teachers and educators in diverse settings. From schools in challenging situations to vast FE colleges, from Independent Schools to Free Schools, from early years to adult. Pivotal training inspires, motivates and creates measurable change in behaviour, relationships and learning.

Pivotal work in the UK and Internationally.

About the Pivotal Mission

Pivotal Education…

  • delivers leading edge teacher training through live and online training models
  • provides highly engaging speakers who have thrived in the most challenging schools, colleges and educational settings
  • promotes strategies that take care of the child as well as the adult
  • delivers continuing professional development that is tailored, practical and sustainable
  • helps schools, colleges and educational institutions through periods of crisis and major institutional change.

Pivotal Values

The 8 Pivotal Values that define the way we work.


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Pivotal People

Pivotal’s strength lies not just in the content of the training but in the expertise of our training team. When you book a Pivotal Trainer you get an expert in their own right, not a dilution of another trainers ideas. Pivotal trainers have spent their careers succeeding with the most vulnerable children and adults: Mainstream Schools and Colleges, Residential Care, SEBD schools, Pupil Referral and Inclusion units and Young Offenders Institutions. Our trainers have the breadth of experience to deliver training that succinctly translates policy to practice, tailored correctly to your needs. Pivotal trainers meet regularly to share current practice, dissect new legislation and discuss case studies of best practice.

What you can expect from a Pivotal Trainer.


Pivotal Trainers 

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