What you can expect from a Pivotal Trainer‰

Thorough planning Negotiated training agenda agreed well in advance of the event, training that meets your objectives and desired outcomes
Prompt arrival Trainers arrive one hour before the event often travelling the night before
Practical ideas Delivering practical strategies and techniques that can be used immediately in your classroom
Fine tailoring Close examination of your existing policy and practice, referencing examples from appropriate age range and context, flexibility and experience to respond to the needs of delegatesattending the training
Active, collaborative learning Agreed concrete outcomes for delegates to put into practice, delegates working collaboratively not sitting and listening all day an emphasis on utilising the experience in the room, practical activities that encourage sharing of ideas and honest open discussion
No reliance on PowerPoint Using PowerPoint to reference ideas not as a teaching tool, never reading out slides, focus on human interaction rather than gazing at the screen
Relentlessly positive and passionate presentation Pivotal trainers engage, motivate and empower delegates with the confidence to try new strategies
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