Steve Baker

Steve Baker, BA PGCE
Senior Trainer

Steve is a trainer, coach, mentor and writer in the field of behaviour and attendance. After seventeen years in the classroom Steve’s career has taken him via Wakefield LA and the National Strategies to his current position as a senior Pivotal trainer.

Since he left teaching, Steve has given hands on support and advice to countless teaching staff, has run courses for staff at all levels in primary and secondary schools, has spoken at conferences and has even chaired one or two. Ten years as a head of year in a secondary school have provided Steve with a strong motivation to make schools a better place for pupil and staff.

In his LA days Steve supported pilot secondary schools in embedding Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and he carried out ground breaking collaborative work with the Education Welfare Service, supporting schools to reduce their levels of persistent absence.

Steve has written for various paper and online publications produced by Optimus, Forum Business media and others and he has recently begun to write courses for Pivotal Education.

Steve spends his spare time converting outbuildings on his farm in Wales and is currently writing a comic novel.

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