Tara Elie

Tara Elie B.A. (Hons), PGCE
Principal Trainer and Creative Lead

Tara is a trainer, teacher, lecturer and coach. Tara’s passion stems from believing that a difference can always be made to benefit individuals, their differing backgrounds, cultures, experiences, perceptions and values.

Tara was the Senior Lecturer of English and Drama at the University of East London; where she found supporting trainee teachers in the heart of the capital city exhilarating. Her work in education has been varied; from working in challenging urban schools, referral units in Sussex and International schools in the Middle East. She has held numerous leadership roles supporting staff, learners and parents. All of these endeavours have been driven by Tara’s unending commitment to understanding behaviour.

Tara joined Pivotal 7 years ago in 2012. She launched Pivotal in Australia working with teachers and educators on the Pivotal Curriculum, becoming a full time Principal Trainer in 2016. Tara is now the also the Creative Lead for Pivotal. She is involved in the development and production of the Pivotal Podcast and has delivered Whoosh! training, Leading Behaviour Change and (will soon be delivering) Leading Behaviour from the Middle Conferences. Tara also delivers Senior Leader Team training, Extreme Behaviour and Pivotal Instructor ‘Train the Trainer’, as well as providing a high level of support and coaching for Pivotal Instructors and individual coaching sessions. For Tara, Pivotal Education is a company who she feels really shares her values and beliefs about young people and education.

Key Areas:

  • Culture, change and consistency.
  • Primary, secondary, FE and undergraduate behaviour management training.
  • Restorative practice.
  • Streamlining policy

Excellent trainer, knowledgeable, responsive, credible

Mandy Brindle

Tara was an excellent trainer, she used her own examples to highlight things and kept the audience gripped, she used humour and fact to help us learn new skills, she was very knowledgeable and approachable

Anonymous Testimonial

Tara had the charisma and smarts to carry a difficult audience with her and to make us all think & engage