Alastair Burnett

Alastair Burnett BEd
Principal Trainer

Alastair has taught across a range of inner London comprehensive schools for twenty one years. Having initially trained to be a PE teacher in Gloucestershire, he chose to complete his teaching practises in East London and became hooked on the challenges and rewards of being an inner city teacher. Alastair taught in six different comprehensive schools in various areas of London, holding several Middle and Senior Leadership positions.

For six years he was the Deputy Headteacher at a comprehensive school in South London, where he led on Behaviour, Values, Inclusion and Safeguarding. Alastair is proud to have served in challenging and diverse community schools and has extensive experience of leading student support teams, staff culture and working with students with complex barriers to learning. Alastair was a governor of a South London PRU, with whom he ran a successful partnership of student reintegration back to mainstream.

A Pivotal visit to his school in 2013 convinced Alastair what he already believed, that teachers need to be the change they wish to see in their students. For Alastair, working for Pivotal is a real privilege. Alastair visits schools across the UK and is always struck by the dedication and care teachers and school staff have for their children, pupils and students. Witnessing adults that work with young people in the ‘right way’ when it may not be the easy way because they care, and sharing that practice is both humbling and inspirational. He loves visiting schools and talking to young people, and particularly helping schools to build on their culture and ‘their way’, taking care of each other and their community.

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Key Areas:

  • Behaviour management
  • Senior leadership support and developing school culture
  • Safeguarding training and support
  • Inclusion and student support
  • Coaching

“You came to Bell Baxter High School, thank you. That was a heart warming experience and loads of fun. A wake up call if you are underfunded and under staffed. You just made me feel that despite the horrendous cuts in education, it was worth going all these extra miles- time wise, was deeply valuable and you also gave me that key and special feeling that we do actually do a great job. Thank you Sir, many thanks to my new rector that you brought in.”

M Kennedy, Bell Baxter High School