Level 1 Pivotal Badge: Participation (Social Media)

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

How to earn this badge

Engage with Pivotal Education via social media. Specifically you need to: Share three Pivotal Education updates on Facebook, or Retweet three Pivotal Education posts on Twitter, or Share three Pivotal Education articles on LinkedIn, or Share three pages of the Pivotal Website via any form of social media, or Write a review of Pivotal Training or Resources on the Facebook page, or Share your experiences of Pivotal Training and Resources via three social media posts. Follow the links below to connect with Pivotal Education via social media. You can also share Twitter and LinkedIn posts from other members of the Pivotal Team: Twitter: @PivotalEllie @OllieInspire LinkedIn: Paul Dix

How to claim this badge

If you believe you have earned this badge, click here to claim!

Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please send us a link to the three posts you have shared and quote the badge code "L1.PA.SOC"

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