Level 2 Pivotal Badge: Curriculum (Unit 3 Change)

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

How to earn this badge

Complete Unit 3 of the Pivotal Curriculum - Change.

There are two ways to do Unit 3:

  1. Attend a five hour course run by your in-house Licensed Pivotal Instructor
  2. Complete the online version of the course.

Click here more information about the Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety or view the video below.

You can develop capacity for in-house training and support on your current team and make your professional development budget go further by training up an in-house Licensed Pivotal Instructor.

Instructors attend a two day course every year that allows them to provide behaviour and safeguarding training to all staff whenever you like.

Take 4 minutes to watch this video that explains the Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety Programme.

How to claim this badge

If you believe you have earned this badge, click here to claim!

Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please confirm your name, school/college name and quote the badge code "L2.PC.CHA"

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