Level 2 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Meet and Greet)

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How to earn this badge

Meeting and greeting your learners at the door of your classroom is part of the first Pillar of Pivotal Practice (consistent, calm adult behaviour). It is a keystone habit - it has a ripple effect - changing the culture in your classroom and improving your relationships with the learners. It sets the mood for learning, gives you a moment of connection with each child and allows you to establish expectations immediately.

How it works

You stand at the door of your classroom and shake hands with each learner as you say hello to them when they walk through the door. Shaking hands is critical. Not fist-bumping or high-fiving, but a formal, warm handshake.  Just say hello and call them by their name, or take a few seconds to say something personal to them.  "How was cricket last night?" "I saw a programme I thought you'd be interested in, remind me at break to tell you about it." "How's mum? Is she feeling better?"  These daily personal moments of connection form the bedrock of trusting relationships. It may take you an extra three minutes to get everyone in the room, but it will be the best three minutes you spend each day.

The mission

Try the Meet & Greet every day for two weeks. Then let us know how you have got on.  You need to write a paragraph (200-300 words) about your experiences.  Include:

  • What age of learner you teach
  • Initial reactions to the Meet & Greet
  • Changes in attitude during the two weeks
  • How learners feel about the Meet & Greet now
  • If there have been any changes in punctuality, settling the class down or entering the classroom calmly
  • Any other changes you've noticed
  • If you intend to continue with this keystone habit.

Listen to this 2-minute audio clip where Paul Dix explains how some teachers have adapted and extended the Meet and Greet to even greater effect.

How to claim this badge

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Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please confirm your name, send us your reflective paragraph and quote the badge code "L2.MI.MAG"

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