Level 2 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Pillar 2: First Attention for Best Conduct)

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

The mission

Weekly Positive Phone Call and Recognition Trial for 30 days Earlier in the course, you made a plan for a Positive Phone call home. You may well have completed that call. For this mission you will need to complete a few phone calls and record the outcomes. At the end of each week for a 30 day period you will need to make at least one Positive Phone call for a learner who has gone over and above with their own behaviour in that week. Consider the 'grey children' - The learners who go over and above on a regular basis. This should not be used exclusively to incentivise the learners who are usually disruptive but you should begin the focus with the learners who already deserve it. This could be in their work efforts, or possibly with their own behaviour management. Do this for 30 days to tie into the 30 day pledge as well as the trial of your recognition system with your learners as per earlier in the course. After the 30 days, come back and post feedback from the experience.

  • What did you notice?
  • Did anything change?
  • What is better now?
  • How can you develop this and embed it into your everyday practice?
  • Could it be extended to your whole department?

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