Level 2 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Postcard Home)

Postcard Home Pivotal Misson Badge

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

How to earn this badge

The postcard home is part of the third Pillar of Pivotal Practice (give first attention to best conduct). It is a keystone habit - it has a ripple effect - changing the culture in your classroom and improving your relationships with the learners. Recognising when learners go over and above minimum requirements encourages learners to make an extra effort, knowing it will be noticed.

How it works

Twice a week give two postive notes or postcards to learner's to take home. You can make your own or use Pivotal Notes. Make sure that you tell the learner what they have done to deserve the postcard. Relate it to your learning routines, class rules or the core values of the school/college.  It is important to mark the moment when you give the learner the note. You may wish to remind them of this moment at a later date - as a reminder of the kind of student they are.

Watch this video which explains why Postcards/Positive Notes Home give four levels of reward.

The mission

Give out two positive notes home. Design the notes (you can use ours as an example if that would be useful) and have them ready for when a learner really impresses you. Scan your postcards or take a photo of them.  Then write 200-300 words about the experience. Make sure you include:

  • The age of the learners
  • What the learners did to impress you and warrant the postcard
  • What you said when you gave the learners the postcards
  • The reaction of the learner
  • Any changes in the learner the following week
  • Any wider reaching effects that you didn't expect

Listen to this 2-minute audio clip where Paul Dix explains how some teachers have adapted and extended the Postcard Home to even greater effect.

How to claim this badge

If you believe you have earned this badge, click here to claim!

Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please confirm your name, school/college name, along with your photograph and 200-300 words and quote the badge code "L2.MI.PNH"

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