Level 3 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Hard to Reach)

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

How to earn this badge

Establishing and maintaining a good, trusting working relationship is much harder with some learners than with others. Some learners are really hard to reach.  It takes an unwavering positive attitude, consistently high expectations, an absolute refusal to give up on a child and relentless persistence.  There are no quick fixes, no easy wins; just a gradual and certain drip, drip drip of positive interactions.

How it works

Just to repeat - there are no quick wins. But there are some subtle strategies that can help you to develop relationships with harder to reach learners over time. View or download the strategy selector.

The mission

Choose 3 learners that you have particular trouble connecting with or motivating.

Look through the strategy selector and choose several strategies to try. Pick two or three strategies per learner.

Now look for opportunities to try these strategies on your learners. You will need to do this mission over several weeks - four weeks at least. You can't expect to have an immediate effect - in fact, you may initially get a negative reaction. But be persistent.

Keep a diary: Log your interactions - note down when you use the strategies. Write down the reactions of the learners - when you have had a positive or negative response, or no response at all. Mark down any differences in their behaviour within class and the way that they communicate with you.  Do this for at least a month.

Then review what has happened. Which strategies are starting to work for you?

To earn this badge you need to submit your 1 month Diary of Interactions and a 300-500 word reflection about the experience.


How to claim this badge

If you believe you have earned this badge, click here to claim!

Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please confirm your name, school/college name, attach your diary and reflective passage and quote the badge code "L3.MI.HTR"

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