Level 3 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Microscripts)

Pivotal Microscripts Mission Badge

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There will always be times when learners refuse to comply. Even the most consistent schools and colleges with the calmest and most experienced teachers will have to deal with situations where learners behave poorly.

You need to have a plan for these situations. What will you say and how will you say it?

Microscripts give us the structure for a 30-second intervention where we get in, deliver the message and get out with everyone's dignity in tact.

How it works

Microscripts are short scripted interventions - you write them yourself - you practice them. This reduces the need to improvise in stressful and difficult situations. You already have a structure for intervention and you go into auto-pilot and deliver your script, when necessary. Scripts should be delivered in a calm, cold and almost boring tone. Try to remove any emotion from your voice.  Save all your emotion for those learners who deserve it. When learners choose not to comply, they receive a predictable scripted response. This takes consistency to another level - we call it certainty.  When learners get used to your microscripts they know exactly what is going to happen when they choose not to comply. This removes the element of 'Lets see how far we can push him' or 'I wonder what she will do today'. They know what is coming. It takes a little while to embed, but stick with it! It may sound mechanical, but it actually frees you up to concentrate on the important things - the students who are engaging with the learning. You don't need a micro-script for every kind of possible infringement, for every offence. You need clear rules and then a structured script that allows you to refer to the rule that has been broken and then give a clear indication of what will happen if they don't now choose to comply.

The mission

Write your microscript. Relate it to your own rules or learning values. Practice it. Think of some common situations where learners are non-compliant and practice how the microscript works in those situations.  Use this as an opportunity to tighten up your rules and make your language consistent.  When you are confident that you can remember the microscripts, look for an opportunity to try this out on a learner. Don't go straight for your most difficult student - practice and perfec the script with less tricky learners.  Then move on to delivering the microscripts with all learners.

Keep a diary of your experiences for a month. Note down your microscripts and write up what happens when you start to use them. Make sure you comment on the reaction of the learner in question and that of the class. Make a note of when the script goes to plan and what happens if you deviate.  What changes do you notice?

To earn this badge you need to submit your 1 month Diary of Interactions and a 300-500 word reflection about the experience.

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