Level 3 Pivotal Badge: Mission (Teacher Talk Time)

An Open Badge from Pivotal Education

How to earn this badge

It is very easy to talk too much in the classroom. The longer learners have to sit and listen, the more likely it is that there will be disruption. So it is important for teachers to develop a self-awareness of how much time they are talking to the whole class.


The mission

Deliver a lesson as normal - but record it. Set up a video camera or microphone to record the lesson or alternatively as a teaching assistant or colleague to sit in the corner with a stopwatch. You need to measure the amount of time you talk to the whole class for. Try to deliver your lesson as normal.

You now have a starting number. If you spoke to the whole class for 20 minutes, your starting number is 20.

In the next lesson with this class, you need to halve the teacher talk time. So you must aim to speak for only 10 minutes. If you go over, you need to try again the next lesson, until you reach the 10 minute mark.

When you've halved your original teacher talk time, halve it again. Aim for 5 minutes in your next lesson. Then halve it again. Try to cut your original talk time by three quarters.

Keep a diary as you go through this experience. Write about your preparations for reducing talk time, analyse your self-awareness, note the reactions of the class and record your observations of student behaviour.

To earn this badge you need to submit your 1 month Diary and a 300-500 word reflection about the experience.

How to claim this badge

If you believe you have earned this badge, click here to claim!

Alternatively, you can send us an email or get in touch via the contact form. Please confirm your name, school/college name, attach your diary and reflective passage and quote the badge code "L3.MI.TTT"

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