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Becoming The Learner

Jake Chandler
Jake Chandler: Website and Digital Marketing Coordinator

In February of this year, I was enrolled onto Squared Online. Squared Online is an award-winning digital marketing leadership course for ambitious marketing managers, bright grads and professionals looking to enter the industry. As my role has developed over time at Pivotal, I have taken on different aspects of work, from IT support to Digital Marketing. I felt that this was the next step in my career to develop both myself and Pivotal, where I can build upon and improve on, and I can provide some truly useful insight going forwards.

The difficulties of juggling work and course deadlines, whilst working within large teams of students all trying to complete different sections of work was a massive issue for me; I personally have always found working independently both in school and in the world of employment far more enjoyable, and I feel it brings out the best in me as I am the only one held accountable. Returning to group projects and deadlines reminded me a lot of my time in sixth form, especially in my Business course, where I had to complete reports and documents in time to ensure that I not only finished my work on time, but that I also did not hold back members of my group/team.

Luckily I managed to overcome my own personal work ethic and worked with two different groups throughout my course over all six months. I officially passed the course at the end of September, and I am delighted- all those months of hard work finally paid off! I am now able to apply the knowledge I learnt into my everyday tasks, and also place that sticker on my CV for future roles.

I feel that by being given this opportunity at Pivotal shows that we really emphasise what we preach. By allowing me to under take this course I can say that “Learners are at the heart of everything we do” especially internally as well as externally within the organisations that we work with. My growth is encouraged at each step, personally and professionally at Pivotal.

What’s next? Only time can tell… but I for one look forward to growing not only as a individual but as a member of the Pivotal team who all work towards a common goal.


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