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How to manage behaviour as a newly qualified teacher – PP2

This time, the topic of the week is behaviour management for NQTs.

paulAs schools in the UK and elsewhere go back for a new academic year, Paul has been very busy across the country, speaking at staff events. One of the most rewarding but also potentially most difficult times in a teacher’s career is the first time they meet new classes. Paul describes the strategy of sending ‘positive notes’ home very early on in the term and answers questions about behaviour management systems (which Paul prefers to call behaviour recognition systems), seating plans, low-level disruption, pupils with difficult backgrounds, noisy classes and more in this engrossing episode. Kevin also shares some of his earliest experiences in the classroom – which were not always easy! Is your NQT question addressed? If not, make sure you contact the show using one of the methods below and Paul will feature your concerns and queries in the coming weeks.

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1 thought on “How to manage behaviour as a newly qualified teacher – PP2

  1. Thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve been feeling so lost as an NQT with some challenging behaviour to cope with. listening to this has inspired and motivated me to try different approaches.

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