Behaviour Blueprint

The Behaviour Blueprint training enables you to define what you want behaviour to look like within your organisation. You will create a single A4 sheet that is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily behaviour practice around the site Your Behaviour Blueprint will underpin and support the later work with full staff allowing you to simplify policy to transform practice.
This is an online training package. It contains a combination of training videos and practical tasks. This training is structured around two 90-minute sessions, led by our Pivotal training team. 
At the end of session two you will have a structure for behaviour that you can operate across your organisation.  This is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily classroom practice.

Want a free taste of the training?

You can get a flavour of the Behaviour Blueprint training before you buy the training in full.
This framework will allow you to map out and define the adult behaviours you want to see
We will show you the main pitfalls to avoid and share the one secret that will change the culture of your school in two weeks.

Free Video and Template for Senior Leaders

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