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Christs School Impact Report

Christs school is a Church of England Secondary school in London. Their deputy head, Sarah Kieran, has transformed behaviour at Christ’s by embedding Pivotal practice. The catalyst for Christ’s deciding to focus on behaviour management at Christ’s was the “relentless increase in detentions”. Increasing amounts of teachers’ time was spent on dealing with detentions but with no improvement in outcome. The school recognised that when it came to behaviour management, most focus and energy was on containing non-compliant leaners but there was little recognition for the learners who were doing the right thing.

Christ’s measure the impact of the programme through rigorous half termly monitoring of data which shows consistent and ongoing improvement in attendance, fixed term and internal exclusions. Attendance has risen by .81% which Sarah attributes to learners having greater enthusiasm for coming to school. Fixed term exclusions are down by 33% and there has been a 42% drop in internal exclusions. Internal exclusions are no longer just a punitive measure; these sessions are restorative in nature so build on long term improvement helping learners understand the impact of their choices.

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