Classroom Behaviour Management

How to improve your Classroom Management

To successfully improve classroom behaviour – Learn, Apply and Reflect.


Get practical training that enables you to build up your classroom management strategies step-by-step. Embed routines in your classroom, refine the habits that enable outstanding behaviour, simplify your systems and shift your mindset.

How?  Online Behaviour Courses, One-Day Courses


Put what you’ve learned into place in your own classroom. Develop your classroom management with a drip-feed of outstanding resources. Discuss ideas with peers and run action research projects to refine your behaviour strategies.

How?  Behaviour Hub, Ementoring


Ongoing exposure to classroom management research and expert opinion. Share thoughts, successes and challenges with peers.  Encourage colleagues to get involved in improving classroom management across the organisation.

How?  Pivotal Podcast, Free Behaviour Tips

Learn: Improve your classroom management with online courses

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Quickly discover the steps you need to take to improve behaviour in your classroom. Stop improvising your way through interventions.

Our suite of online classroom management courses are based around the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice. An advanced course on Managing Extreme Behaviour is also available.

These self-paced online courses, led by Pivotal behaviour experts, will give you the practical help you need to build up your skills week by week. Make the change now.

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Learn: Attend a one-day classroom management course

A one-day course for NQT’s, RQT’s and teachers changing schools

  • Manage behaviour effectively through relentless routines
  • Use recognition to create a consistently positive classroom culture
  • Build and sustain positive working relationships
  • Respond assertively and with compassion
  • Develop your professional persona

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Get membership to the Behaviour Hub

Improve your classroom management and get the ‘drip-feed’ of training and support that you need transform behaviour in your classroom by accessing the Pivotal Behaviour Hub.

The Pivotal Behaviour Hub contains hundreds of behaviour resources – podcasts, articles, videos, downloads.  Resources are categorised so that you can find what you need and improve your practice step-by-step.

The new Behaviour Hub will be launched in January 2019 and membership will cost just £3.99 a month. Register your interest using the form below.

Apply: Get personal e-mentoring with a Pivotal behaviour expert

Get private advice and support on classroom management tailored to your situation.

Communicate with a Pivotal trainer by phone or email. Discreet support delivered when you most need it for just £55 per hour.

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Reflect: Listen to the Pivotal Podcast

Over 170 episodes. Over 200,000 downloads. Everything you need to know about classroom management and so much more.

The Pivotal Podcast is fast becoming the favourite podcast of UK teachers.

Start by trying this podcast: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Behaviour Management

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Become a Licensed Pivotal Coach

The Licensed Pivotal Coach supports their local network of schools to provide in-class behaviour coaching and one-to-one mentoring for teachers. We train you through a blended programme of live and online training – in the Pivotal approach to behaviour management and Pivotal models of coaching, along with Pivotal Behaviour Management Strategies.

This programme is ideal for independent behaviour advisors, ex-leaders and those who have left full time teaching.

Take speciality courses to extend your license. Deliver Pivotal support services to the schools you already work with.

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