Licensed Pivotal Coach

What is a Pivotal Coach?

As a Pivotal Coach, you will be coaching teachers and other adults working in educational settings to improve behaviour of the learners they work with. This role is ideal for those who are interested in supporting schools and colleges to change classroom culture and improve behaviour management practice.

Pivotal Coaches will support their local network of schools to provide in-class behaviour coaching and one-to-one mentoring for teachers.  We will train you – through a blended programme of live and online training – in the Pivotal approach to behaviour management and models of coaching teachers. This will enable you to provide behaviour support to those most in need within your area.

After your initial training, you will be awarded a licence, which you can renew annually. We’ll list you as a Coach on our website and customers will be able to search for you within our Coaches database.  You set your own coaching rates with the schools you support.

Development Courses

When you become a Licensed Coach, you’ll be eligible to take additional development courses which will enable you to deliver a range of Pivotal services including behaviour ‘healthchecks’ (on-site audits), e-mentoring, online training support and consultancy.

Diagnostic Coach

Conduct whole-school behaviour audits and feedback to senior leaders.

Diagnostic Pivotal Coach

Leadership Coach

Provide behaviour consultancy and support to senior and middle leaders.

Pivotal Leadership Coach

Support Coach

Give training support to schools who are running Pivotal online training packages.

Pivotal Support Coach

SEND Coach

Conduct special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) audits.

Pivotal SEND Coach

Mentor Coach

Run drop-in behaviour clinics and provide distance e-mentoring.

Pivotal Mentor Coach

Instructor Coach

Deliver Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour training units to groups of staff.

Pivotal Instructor Coach

Benefits and support

  • Generate income by charging schools that you work with directly. You have the freedom to set your own coaching rate.
  • Gain credits for organisations referred to Pivotal who go on to book training. Credits are used to reduce or eliminate the licence renewal cost.
  • Reach potential customers through a personal listing on the Pivotal website.
  • Use Pivotal methods whilst coaching teachers in schools and colleges to improve their behaviour management.
  • Attend speciality courses to extend the services you can provide.
  • Access personal mentoring from Pivotal behaviour experts

How do I become a Licensed Pivotal Coach?

Pivotal Coach Step 1

Register your interest using the form below.

Or call the Pivotal office on 020 70001735.

Pivotal Coach Step 2Pay your fee and sign the licensing agreement.

This can be done online.

Pivotal Coach Step 3Complete online training and assessment.

This self-paced training takes approximately 8 hours.

Pivotal Coaches Step 4Attend a Coaches training and assessment day.

Next training date: Wednesday 11th October 2017

Pivotal Coaches Step 5Obtain your Pivotal Coach licence.

This is issued upon successful completion of the other steps.

Access Licence Costs

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The fee includes:

  • Online training
  • Online assessment
  • Attendance at a one day training and assessment centre
  • 1-year Pivotal Coach licence


Pivotal Coach Tara

Terms and Conditions for Licensed Pivotal Coaches

  • After successfully completing the two stage assessment, you will qualify to become a Licensed Pivotal Coach. If you fail either your stage 1 or stage 2 Pivotal Coaches assessment, you will be given a 50% refund on your first annual licence fee.
  • You will not be able to work as a Pivotal Coach until you have signed the Licence agreement.
  • The annual license cost is £780 including VAT for the first year and then £600 including VAT for subsequent years.
  • Licensed Coaches may provide one-to-one support by coaching teachers in their behaviour management. You will not be licensed to perform any other Pivotal training or support service unless you complete additional speciality courses that extend the scope of your licence.
  • Licensed Coaches set their own coaching rates and are responsible for invoicing the schools they work with directly. Pivotal Coaches will not charge more than £100 per hour.
  • Licensed Coaches inform Pivotal Education of the organisations they are providing Pivotal Coaching to by logging your coaching hours on the Pivotal website.
  • Licensed Pivotal Coaches may present themselves as a “Licensed Pivotal Coach” only. Coaches are not permitted to present themselves as an employee or trainer of Pivotal Education.
  • Pivotal Coaches licences run for one year. Licences can be extended annually at a cost of £600 including VAT.
  • Pivotal Coaches are licensed to run unlimited coaching sessions when they hold a valid licence.
  • Pivotal Education reserves the right to refuse to renew Licences without reason. Where a Pivotal Coach breaches the terms of the Licence, Pivotal Education reserves the right to terminate the Licence immediately.
  • Only the Licensed Pivotal Coach is permitted to use the resources and title of Pivotal Coach.

Please note that these are the broad terms of the licence. The full and final terms will be shared with you prior your Pivotal Coaches training day and will broadly cover the points listed here.