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Evaluate a Training Session or Online Course


If you do no know your password and it is required then please email euquality@CrisisPrevention.com giving the date, organisation and location (if different from organisation) of your training day.


82 thoughts on “Evaluate a Training Session

  1. Very useful indeed

    1. I agree this was really useful. I particularly liked the tips on conersation starters and phrases to avoid

  2. Excellent. Very relevant to my job.

    Thank you

  3. Fantastic talk, very interesting, enjoyable (although sad at times) and down to earth. I wish you and your family a rewarding fostering life. I would imagine your placements will be very lucky. Regards Margaret.

  4. Ollie was very good at putting across the importance of seeing what lies behind behaviour in children , it just reiterates the fact that all children no matter what, must matter to us all , and we must all do what ever it takes to help them grow positively as people.

  5. Really engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the training. It makes you evaluate yourself as a person and teacher. Great strategies to put into practice.

  6. A very well and informative morning with some good tips and ideas.
    Thank you

  7. the training was inspirational and well worth it

  8. Really enjoyed the day and found it very useful for my job.

  9. A very productive day – Chris was a great presenter and spoke with real conviction. We will be reviewing our behaviour policy and especially liked the behaviour blueprint on one page, which has such potential with sharing “how we do it here” with our stakeholders. A very worthwhile day, and we will be making full use of the online resources that Pivotal has to offer, espcially the podcasts etc.
    Thank you

  10. The Pivotal training was very thought provoking; entertaining; useful and informative – thank you to Alistair. I found the time useful giving me a lot of ideas to work on over summer in order to change my behaviour in September.

  11. Some food for thought.

  12. A worthwhile training session

  13. A lot of positive things to take forward into classroom practice. Very inspirational. Thanks Ollie.

  14. Learned some really good ideas which I hope to try. Thank you

  15. Fantastic training

  16. Great training session. Thanks.

  17. Excellent morning with useful tips and information. Most enjoyable and entertaining.

  18. Well delivered -I enjoyed hearing the true life stories and how the challenging behaviour was approached.

  19. Good useful information that I can relate to, learned alit took some very useful tips

  20. Very interesting and useful

  21. Well presented and very informative. great ideas which can be put into practice to help not only the students but also the teachers. Thanks.

  22. A really great presentation. Engaging and informative. I think it will benefit everyone in our school community. I have no doubt, that with a shift in language and approach, we will build an environment full of happy and productive pupils and staff.

  23. great information, informative day to support myself and team working with students

  24. Fantastic course and helped everything I had read in Paul’s book make sense. So glad I had the opportunity to attend the course.

  25. Ollie was a great trainer. He was very entertaining and all his practical advice was worthwhile and works well in practice.

  26. Reinforcing best practice, shining a light on new approaches that old schoolers might turn their noses up at!

  27. A great training session which semented the ideas in Paul Dix book and made ckear how and why these approaches work. Thank you.

  28. Really enjoyed the training. Thank you. It was engaging and good that we all participated in the training. It was very engaging and some excellent strategies to put into practice.

  29. Entertaining, interesting and informative.

  30. Excellent. Very useful

  31. Very enjoyable, informative and entertaining sessions. I do believe that we can eventually have visible consistencies because now we have the majority of staff on board.
    Thank you very much Tara.

  32. Excellent. Really inspiring.

  33. thank you it was really a wonderful day for me

  34. It was a very stimulating and challenging (in a good way) day. Hannah, the presenter held my attention the whole time. She was excellent at putting across the information. I liked the fact that she was open about not always getting it right with a pupil. I was left with much to think about.

  35. I enjoyed the training last Monday very much and found the content relevant to my practice.
    Hannah was a brilliant presenter, and made so much sense adding in real life experiences.
    I have been thinking about the training a lot and how to implement the ideas.
    I liked the way it was so interactive, with lots of activities for the audience to participate in.

  36. it was a good session with very useful information. the presenter was excellent and he understand challenging behaviours.

  37. Very interesting and useful, real life scenarios and experiences made it interesting

  38. Very informative session and relevant to my role.

  39. It was a very interesting and engaging training session. I enjoyed learning about ways to deal with
    poor behaviour and will give them a try.

    thank you

  40. An entertaining training session with some excellent strategies to manage some difficult behaviours.

  41. A really inspiring session and very engaging! Hannah was a joy to listen to thanks! Really enjoyed all of the insightful anecdotes and ideas. Best behaviour training I have attended. Thank you.

  42. This is the best and most engaging training I have been on for a long time. It definitely gave me food for thought.

  43. Entertaining and informative session. Nice to hear that we are already doing pretty much everything suggest at our centre but feel that it is very useful for staff of all centres to be hearing this at the same time.

  44. Very informative and perceptive. Useful information clearly presented

  45. informative session with useful strategies to try.

  46. Very useful tips and it is nice to know that I am doing the right thing when
    dealing with behaviour.

  47. A very useful pillar. Looking forward to embedding once lockdown is over.

  48. Very useful and informative pillar.

  49. Very useful and interesting, I look forward to embedding in our school when the current restrictions are over, thank you.

  50. Excellent tips for dealing with disruptive students.

  51. Informative pillar.

  52. Some useful strategies in Pillar 4 to explore once we are able to return to school following lock down.

  53. I look forward to using the restorative approach to help equip our learners with tools to deal effectively with difficult situations in school and beyond.

  54. very helpful, some great ideas to bring to the class room.

  55. Course reiterated how we should be treating learners so we can build good relationships and rapport, ensuring enjoyable school experience.

  56. Excellent course, lots of food for thought and useful strategies.

  57. It was very useful! Thank you!

  58. I really enjoyed this training, a lot of it felt very relevant to my job with tips I feel I can actually use and stick to. Thank you

  59. Enjoyed this training, a lot of the strategies mentioned are already in practice for our learners . However, it was nice to interact with another school during the current climate we are living in .

  60. The training is excellent so is Mark. A lot of food for the thoughts and hope we can implement all what is there in our school!!!
    thank you

  61. I liked the idea of therapeutic methods, e.g. meditation to help learners have self worth and be more empathetic.

  62. Engaging and thought provoking training which will help me in my practice.

  63. Very useful.

  64. Helpful reminders of good practice

  65. Useful reminders – thank you

  66. I liked this pillar the best by far. Lots of strategies to try out. Thank you.

  67. Brilliant and thought provoking, really great to get back into a professional and forward thinking practice, thank you Cathy!

  68. Great session for starting back to school. Great start to our journey on behaviour reform. Cathy delivered this brilliantly in an engaging and insightful way.

  69. Very interesting and well presented

  70. Excellent training and lots to think about. Great way to positively improve behaviour and change the culture of learning.

  71. Excellent training course to introduce a more positive behaviour management culture within school. Most enjoyable, interesting & interactive.

  72. Very useful and informative.

  73. Great course delivered by a very approachable and knowledgeable trainer.

  74. Very good

  75. Really useful tips that I look forward to implementing with my class

  76. Great, informative training which leaves you feeling positive and ready to support learning and behaviour through a more calming, consistent approach with strategies ‘up your sleeve’.

  77. Fantastic course which really made me think about strategies for dealing with extreme behaviour.

  78. Thank you for the useful course

  79. A very useful course that encourages reflection on classroom practice with a good range of resources.

  80. Excellent pillar! It really made me stop and think. Thank you.

  81. A very useful course with time to reflect and good ideas to use in class.

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