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Please find below a link for your training evaluation, you may need a password to access post training resources. You will have been provided this password on the day of your training if it is required.

Pivotal Education Training Evaluations
please click here


If you do no know your password and it is required then please email [email protected] giving the date, organisation and location (if different from organisation) of your training day.


11 thoughts on “Evaluate a Training Session

  1. Very useful indeed

  2. Excellent. Very relevant to my job.

    Thank you

  3. Fantastic talk, very interesting, enjoyable (although sad at times) and down to earth. I wish you and your family a rewarding fostering life. I would imagine your placements will be very lucky. Regards Margaret.

  4. Ollie was very good at putting across the importance of seeing what lies behind behaviour in children , it just reiterates the fact that all children no matter what, must matter to us all , and we must all do what ever it takes to help them grow positively as people.

  5. Really engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the training. It makes you evaluate yourself as a person and teacher. Great strategies to put into practice.

  6. A very well and informative morning with some good tips and ideas.
    Thank you

  7. the training was inspirational and well worth it

  8. Really enjoyed the day and found it very useful for my job.

  9. A very productive day – Chris was a great presenter and spoke with real conviction. We will be reviewing our behaviour policy and especially liked the behaviour blueprint on one page, which has such potential with sharing “how we do it here” with our stakeholders. A very worthwhile day, and we will be making full use of the online resources that Pivotal has to offer, espcially the podcasts etc.
    Thank you

  10. The Pivotal training was very thought provoking; entertaining; useful and informative – thank you to Alistair. I found the time useful giving me a lot of ideas to work on over summer in order to change my behaviour in September.

  11. Some food for thought.

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