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34 thoughts on “Evaluate a Training Session

  1. Very useful indeed

  2. Excellent. Very relevant to my job.

    Thank you

  3. Fantastic talk, very interesting, enjoyable (although sad at times) and down to earth. I wish you and your family a rewarding fostering life. I would imagine your placements will be very lucky. Regards Margaret.

  4. Excellent inset.

  5. Excellent. . I was given information I didn’t know ,even after 21 years as a TA.

    Thank you.

  6. It was really very good presentation.

  7. A meaningful and purposeful session. The under currents of mindfulness are exactly what our pupils need to be encouraged to see and find the best in themselves.

  8. I really enjoyed the training. I thought it made a lot of sense.

  9. very interesting session, will take some of the ideas into the classroom

  10. An inspiring days training in a good venue too. Lots of strategies that will help me in my job.

  11. Pauls delivery was fantastic. The content of the training was very useful and something I can use in my practice.

  12. An engaging presentation – lots of strategies I can use in my classroom. All in all a very positive approach to behaviour management which I liked.

  13. It was a very inspiring session and I agree in taking a more positive and understanding approach to tackle problems with behaviour.

  14. interesting listening and some good ideas

  15. Inspiring presentation full of good sense and good ideas. It left me looking forward to trying out methods and teaching styles that are both new and revisited.
    Thank you Paul.

  16. I found the session extremely useful. A lot of the strategies are used at the moment, I am a huge believer in consistency and hope that everyone will use the positive techniques advised by Tara.

  17. I enjoyed the training and found it really useful.

  18. I learnt a lot from this course. The most important thing was how to deal with difficult students and having a list of possibilities. The course was also delivered in a personal way.

  19. A thoroughly effective and interzctive session that has impacted my approach in dealing with behaviour both in and out of class. I loved the presentation it was very personalized.

  20. I enjoyed the presentation and learnt new approaches to identifying and correcting behaviour in and out of class. A wll personalized presentation.

  21. Great session! Really put behaviour managment into perspective with some great ideas. Thanks Paul! Feeling motivated.

  22. Fab event. Very insightful & knowledgeable. Has given me a really good toolkit of things to use in school.

  23. Brilliant session. Really useful behaviour management for teacher training year. I am looking forward to trying some ideas in my placement

  24. Very insightful and eye opening. Will definitely be using some of Andy’s tips in my teaching

  25. Excellent session, learnt so much about behaviour in schools. He really gives great confidence to training teachers.

  26. Paul’s enthusiasm and knowledge of behaviour in schools was enlightening to see, he has provided many strategies that I’d love to try out, and I leave this session motivated to not be scared about managing behaviour!

    Thankyou Paul!

  27. I found the session today very insightful and encouraging. It was well structured and delivered and was an excellent CPA experience.

  28. Brilliant course !
    Will be very useful at my place of work

  29. Excelllent training and very relevant to my job.
    Helen was a great trainer!

  30. An informative & hugely well delivered course which will prove extremely helpful.

  31. This was a very enjoyable and usefull traing session. The trainer made it relivant to my job, all my staff had good feedback and found it enjoyable and will be putting what they learnt into practice. One has already tried it on their husband and they responded in a possitive manner!!1

  32. excellent speaker, wanted the talk to go on longer. usefull tips and good ideas for the classroom.

  33. A most enjoyable and informative morning. Very useful indeed

  34. I have learnt how to do and why doing behaviour management into a level that i had never seen before. This was the best professional development session that I had so far.

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