Pivotal NQT Support Hub

NQT Support Hub is an online resource packed full of useful information and advice especially for new teachers and teachers in training.

The Hub includes:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Useful information
  • Downloads
  • Articles
  • Training and career advice
  • Event listings

In addition, teachers can get support by asking a question using the ‘Ask a Question’ function. All site users can ask questions and post responses to other people’s questions. There is also a red button that teachers can press if they need urgent support.

Who can book onto the Hub?

There are three main groups who will book new teachers on the Hub:

  1. ITT Providers can book all qualifying trainees onto the support Hub. When enrolling 100 or more trainees onto the Hub, we will create a branded sub-domain especially for your ex-trainees.  You can add content to the site as a provider. Your content can be available to all Hub users or restricted to your own trainees. When your trainees press the red button, we will notify you so that you can step in and provide assistance.
  2. Schools and Colleges can sign up all their new staff. The Hub will form part of the support you provide during their school-based training or NQT year.
  3. Individual teachers may sign up to gain access to the Hub. Use the resources and community network to support your own teaching.


How much does access to the Hub cost?

The cost of access to the Hub alters according to how many people you are enrolling.

  • ITT providers enrolling 100+ trainees or NQTs onto the Hub will be charged £10 + vat per user.
  • Schools and colleges signing up over 10 teachers will be charged £30 + vat per user.
  • Individual users and schools with less than 10 NQTs will be charged £50 + vat per user


All costs are for one year access.

Hub content is added to and updated weekly.


How do I get access?

Please contact us to arrange access to the Hub.

Please note: If you are considering booking multiple users onto the NQT Support Hub, we can grant you 48 hour access to the Hub to review the site.


Monthly Subscription

Year Subscription


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