Behaviour Management Resource Bank

In this section you will find a whole bank of free behaviour management resources. You can see the resources available, but to access the content you’ll need to log in. Please note you only have to log in once to access all resources.

The Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice

Consistent, calm adult behaviour – consistency, adult behaviour, emotional control, teacher expectations

First attention to best conduct – rewards, recognition, praise, motivation, engagement

Relentless routines – rules, routines, follow-up, teacher habits, non-verbal cues,

Scripting difficult interventions – de-escalation, disruption, delivering sanctions, confrontation

Restorative conversations – restorative practice, structuring sanctions, working with the most troubled, developing relationships

Other Classroom Management Resources

Pivotal “How To” Series: A very large collection of articles, videos and podcasts. Including: “How to develop relationships with your hard to reach students”, “How to track and use behaviour data in schools” and “How to differentiate my behaviour management for a child with ADHD”.

Best Practice in Behaviour Series: A small but beautifully formed collection of best practice resources.  Including “Best practice from the PRUs”, “Blindingly brilliant behaviour: A case study” and “The power of positive phone calls”.

Contributions from Pivotal Online Course Delegates : An enormous selection of posters, flyers, behaviour contracts, reports, positive notes and articles.


3 thoughts on “Behaviour Management Resource Bank

  1. I attended an excellent talk by Paul Dix at Sussex Uni and now want to refresh my memory and pass on some of the advice to a colleague

  2. Had a very busy but constructive first day training with pivotal at oriel house. Looking forward to more tips tomorrow. But not looking forward to giving a presentation ahhhhhhhh

    1. Had a brilliant but in depth two days training which i loved immensely. Having been a Learning Mentor for years and now a Behaviour Manager my passion is for those children who need guidance and this course was made for me . Well done team .
      Not been able to have my first presentation to teachers yet 🙁 but that decision is out of my hands but im still pushing for it ,so much so i think my head hates me mentioning Pivital and consistency all in the same sentence lol .

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