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This section of the resource bank is full of contributions from delegates studying our online courses.  As you can see, those completing the course are producing some excellent resources that they are using in their own classrooms.  All of the contributors have agreed to share these resources so that you can also benefit from them.  I want to know more about the online courses.


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3 thoughts on “Behaviour Management Resources: Contributions

  1. attached classroom behaviour management resource by Anthony Golden

    Class Instructions and Rewards

    In this class Positive behaviour is rewarded. When you follow the class instructions you earn rewards!


    • Follow instructions FIRST time

    • Listen while the teacher is talking

    • Stop, Look and Listen when you hear the bowl

    • Avoid yelling and unkind words

    • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    Each lesson there are a total of four stamps available – two per period. You earn these by following the class instructions.


    • 10 good behaviour stamps for following the classroom instructions earns a Positive Letter to take home and a positive referral on OTB.

    • Every 30 stamps you will receive a reward from the reward box as well as a Praise Postcard.

  2. Growth Mindset

    1. Stepped Approach in the classroom
      1. Gentle reminder of expected behaviour
      2. Verbal warning
      3. negative dojo
      4. Intervention from phase leader
      5. re introduction to class.
      6. (if behaviour persists) Intervention from head teacher and a phonemail home

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