Pillar 1: Consistent, calm adult behaviour

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Establishing Consistent Behaviour Practice

Why staff are all in this together (Article)
Why every adult in a school or college has to take responsibility for behaviour. Developing consistency across your whole staff.

Beyond Consistency to certainty (Article)
How to demonstrate and display your consistency in your classroom, Through your language and routines.

10 steps to certainty (Article)
Paul Dix gives you ten steps towards achieving certainty in your classroom – an absolutely certain response to negative behaviour.

How to establish consistent behaviour practice (Podcast)
How do schools in crisis turn the corner? What effect does consistency amongst adults in a school or college have on behaviour? What routines can be embedded across the whole organisation to improve behaviour?


Embedding in an outstanding culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast (Article)
Why getting the culture in your school is so important and is 100 times more effective then throwing a few strategies at a problem.

How to respond when others moan about behaviour getting worse (Article)
We take a look back to times gone by. Poor behaviour in the classroom has always existed. So has the ways to avoid it.

Maintaining Emotional Control

Managing your own behaviour (Podcast)
How to keep emotional control in the classroom: An audio seminar on managing your own behaviour

How adult responses to poor behaviour can reduce student engagement (Video)
There is no place for your own ego in your work with learners, Choose your actions and reactions with the learner at the forefront of your mind.

How learners push your emotional buttons (Video)
What irritates you about learner behaviour? What are the things that really make you lose your mind? If the students know the answer to these questions, then they know which buttons to press.

Understanding the impact of teacher expectations

How to manage a new child with a reputation (Article)
A “What would you do” Article: How will you introduce a new child to your class whose local ‘reputation’ precedes him?

Influencing learner behaviour

How to influence students to manage their own behaviour (Video)
We can’t just tell students what to do and expect them to comply. If we want learners to behave in a certain way. We must use our powers of influence.

How all adults affect behaviour (Podcast)
A collection of podcast clips around the theme of how all adults in schools and colleges can affect the behaviour of the learners


Refining the Teaching Performance

The teacher as performer
How to adapt your performance to improve your teaching: A podcast on how acting skills can be translated into the classroom.