Pillar 2: First Attention to best conduct

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Using positive behaviour management

Practical ways to create a positive culture (Article)
How to use praise with your learners: A teachers’ Checklist

Managing positively and reducing exclusion (Article)
How to manage behaviour positively and reduce exclusion from your classroom: A checklist of steps for teachers

Making praise meaningful (Podcast)
How to praise learners in a meaningful way: Benefits for learner and teacher of real praise and reward

The power of being positive in managing behaviour (podcast)
Compilation of podcast clips that brings home the importance of positivity when managing behaviour and encouraging students to comply


Recognising and rewarding good behaviour

Rewards and reward systems (Podcast)
The five key principles of a good behaviour reward system

Golden time troubles (Podcast)
Is it time to abandon golden time? Listen to this pivotal Podcast and make up your own mind

Going ‘Over and Above’ (Podcast)
Why going ‘over and above’ should be your yardstick for rewarding students

When points mean prizes (Article)
how to stop over-rewarding your most tricky learners

Cash for behaviour (Article)
Are you bribing your students to behave? How can you reward good behaviour in meaningful ways. Do digital reward systems work for the learner?

The art of carrot dangling (Article)
Top tips for rewarding students brilliantly