Pillar 3: Relentless routines

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Teaching and embedding routines

Rules, routines and rituals for the classroom (Podcast)
A Pivotal Podcast: How to teach routines, embed rules and use rituals to get the behaviour you want to see in the classroom.

How to be relentless with your classroom routines (Podcast)
A Podcast: Why we need to be relentless in our behaviour management and what this looks like in your classroom

Stick to the routine (Article)
A ‘What would you do?’ article about deteriorating behaviour within a previously lovely class

The classroom is not an arena and the teacher is not a ringmaster (Article)
How you set up and manage your classroom space has an enormous impact on the behaviour within it. Your positioning in the room influences your routines and habits

The lesson starts at the door (Article)
Why ‘Meet and Greet’ is the most important routine of all.

Too late? (Article)
One of your students is late to school every day. Sometimes very late. What do you do?