Pillar 4: Scripting difficult interventions

Scripting difficult conversations and interventions

Scripted behaviour interventions (Podcast)
How to script behaviour interventions: A podcast. Plan behaviour interventions and rehearse what you are going to say to learners.

The 30-second intervention (Article)
How to get in, Deliver a message and get out with everyone’s dignity in tact.

Private talks (Article)
How to speak to students about their poor behaviour whilst keeping everyone’s dignity in tact.

Delivering and applying sanctions

How to manage sanctions (Part 1) (Podcast)
How to redirect poor behaviour and apply a structure to your sanctions

How to manage sanctions (Part 2) (Podcast)
Managing and applying sanctions and dealing with secondary behaviours

Crime and punishment (Podcast)
A podcast about structuring and applying sanctions to promote behaviour change

Intervening with disruptive behaviour

Eradicating low-level disruption (Podcast)
Strategies for addressing and reducing low-level disruption

When it really kicks off (Podcast)
What do you do when a learner really explodes? Paul Dix explains what to do and what not to do in this Pivotal Podcast

When is restraint reasonable (Podcast)
Restraint has become part of behaviour management in many schools, Not just pupil referral units and EBD schools, But also many mainstream schools. How do you know when restraining a child is reasonable? Listen to this Pivotal Podcast for more information.

Out of control (Article)
A ‘What would you do?’ Article about a child who keeps throwing explosive tantrums. How do you manage and modify his behaviour over the long term?