Pillar 5: Restorative conversations

Embedding Restorative Practice

How to use restorative practice in your school (Podcast)
What is Restorative practice and can it be used as a powerful behaviour management tool?

Restorative practice in action (Podcast)
Head teacher, David Lisowski, talks about how they set up restorative practices in their school and dispatched with punitive sanctions

Avoiding ineffective or inhumane sanctions

How to have a truly inclusive school (Podcast)
In this episode of the Pivotal Podcast, Amjad Ali talks about inclusion and how you don’t need to treat all students the same, You need to treat all students fairly.

How to avoid using isolation as a sanction (Podcast)
What is the problem with isolation and how can schools  and colleges manage referral rooms more effectively?

Toss away the stick of isolation (Article)
Isolating students is not a behaviour management strategy. Paul Dix explores the damage that isolation can do.

Punishment road (Article)
What  happens when you sculpt your policy around increasingly severe punishments? Where do we go when we reach the end of the ‘punishment road?’

Exclusion (Article)
What are the upsides and downsides to exclusion? Is exclusion really the ultimate sanction? Does exclusion help to modify and improve behaviour.


Reaching your ‘hard to reach’ Learners

How to manage the 2% of very tricky learners (Podcast)
Clear advice about dealing with your most difficult learners without having to exclude.

Working with the most troubled (Podcast)
Paul and Kevin speak to Dr Tim O’Brien in this episode of the Pivotal Podcast. Tim talks about how to work with the most troubled learners.

Tough kids meet terrific adults: Skills from the sharp end (Podcast)
In this episode of the Pivotal Podcast Paul and Kevin talk to Everol Halliburton from The Bridge Academy, Alternative provision. Everol talks about how to engage, help and manage difficult children and develop trusting and positive relationships with them.

Developing Relationships with Learners

The power of relationships (Podcast)
James Sturtevant talks to Paul and Kevin in a Pivotal Podcast episode about the power that positive adult/learner relationships has on student behaviour.

Friendly but not friends (Article)
Balancing formal and informal relationships with learners.

The importance of relationships (Podcast)
Developing positive, trusting relationships with learners for long-term positive behaviour management.