Pivotal “How To” Series

How to be outstanding at managing behaviour

How to be effective at managing behaviour (Podcast)
7 habits for highly effective behaviour management

How to solve behaviour problems (Podcast)
A Pivotal Podcast: Are you a problem solver or a process monkey? Is it better to follow the behaviour management process slavishly or try to solve the problem.

How to lead behaviour change

How to improve your behaviour policy (Podcast)
Great tips and techniques on improving your school or college behaviour policy and simplifying it to transform practice

How to be an effective leader (Podcast)
A Pivotal Podcast: How does a school or college leader become effective?

How to be a great leader in a special school (Podcast)
Paul and Kevin talk to Jarlath O’Briend about being a head teacher of a special school in this Pivotal Podcast

How to track and use behaviour data in schools (Podcast)
Tom Vodden of Sleuth talks to Paul and Kevin about keeping behaviour data rational, Responsive and real in this episode of the Pivotal Podcast

How to get the best out of live training (Podcast)
Ollie Frith talks about how to make your school or college CPD more effective. Managing dodgy speakers and getting the most out of internal training are up for discussion in this episode of the Pivotal Podcast

How to use your “big behaviour beast” to best effect (Article)
There is one in every school or college – The Big Beast of Behaviour who can strike fear into the heart of any learner from 100 paces. But how can schools and colleges use these ‘Big Beasts’ to best effect

How to manage difficult teachers: Advice for learning support assistants (Article)
Practical tips for teaching assistants who work with difficult teachers.

How to manage behaviour according to your role

How to manage cover lessons (Article)
10 tips for taking cover lessons. How to manage students you don’t know with work that someone else has set.

How to manage behaviour as a newly qualified teacher (Podcast)
A podcast: Behaviour management for newly qualified teachers. How to establish routines that promote a positive culture for behaviour

How to manage behaviour in cover lessons (Podcast)
Practical strategies for managing behaviour in cover lesson and as a supply teacher. How to establish rapport and rules quickly with students that you don’t know

How to lead behaviour from the middle (Podcast)
Practical strategies for driving improvement in behaviour across your department

How to be amazing at the interview (Podcast)
Follow the Pivotal system for interviews and nail your next teaching job

How to manage behaviour according to the age and sex of the learner


How to manage girl’s behaviour (Podcast)
A podcast about girls and their behaviour

How to manage the behaviour of learners with special educational needs

Special needs and behaviour management (Podcast)
Practical tips for teachers on managing the behaviour of some special needs learners within their classroom.

How to manage parents

How to manage difficult parents (Podcast)
A Pivotal Podcast: How do you talk to parents about their child’s defiant behaviour in school? (From 26:47)

How to manage behaviour around the site

How to manage behaviour around the site (Podcast)
Practical strategies for managing behaviour in corridors and around the school or college site. How to intervene with groups of students you don’t know

How to manage behaviour at the school gates (Article)
Top tips for conducting duties at the school gates and managing behaviour that spills out of the school grounds

How to manage behaviour around the site (Article)
The principle behind and practice around managing behaviour around the school or college site

How to manage behaviour at different times of the year

How to reset your expectations of behaviour (Podcast)
Resetting behaviour management: How to turn around a bad start.

How to manage behaviour at the end of term (Podcast)
Behaviour at Christmas: Practical tips and advice from behaviour expert, Paul Dix

How to manage different types of behaviour

How to manage a demanding class (Article)

A wonderful miscellany of ‘How to’ behaviour resources

How to raise self-esteem in our children (Article)
Four practical strategies for parents to help raise self-esteem in their children

How to fix education (Podcast)
Does the DfE understand the real challenges facing schools and early years settings

How to manage the fallout from social media explosions (Article)
It is a common story, Something has happened on social media and you the teacher, Are dealing with the fallout the following day, How do you handle it, What do you do?

How to manage behaviour in active lessons (Podcast)
Dealing with behaviour in open spaces – Adapting your behaviour to influence the behaviour of the learners.