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Consistency, Culture and Care: Highlights from the 2019 Conference

Thursday 21st November saw more than 130 delegates from education and health and social care gather together for CPI and Pivotal’s 2019 behaviour conference- Consistency, Culture and Care. Mixing together a varied line up of speakers and workshops, participants were treated to mind games of almost Derren Brown- like proportions during Professor Tim O’Brien’s keynote “What’s Going On Inside Your Head”; while Nina Jackson gave a presentation that was, in turn, both harrowing and hilarious as she drew on her own experiences of mental illness to discuss what’s “Behind the Behaviour”.

Alongside these fascinating insights there were lots of opportunities to network and share good practice- while the breakout workshops provided additional learning and the chance to explore new ideas. Highlights included:

Aligning strategies with transition and changing stressors across the academic year. Louise Astbury and Doug King from Oldham Sixth Form College explored how behaviour is impacted by changes in the academic year and how behaviour fluctuates more when students go through periods of change.

· Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW): A Continuum Approach. Adrian Pembleton and Leanne Till from Wrekin View Primary School looked at the challenges involved in implementing a structured, layered and graduated approach to meeting MHEW requirements to ensure that that pupils’ needs continue to be met.

· Using LEGO in Schools. Angi Franklin and Yvonne Monaghan from Nurture ABC delivered a practical session, examining problem solving, expression and the exploration of emotions that stimulate the imagination of both the practitioners and pupils. Participants discovered how the programme encourages learners to express their thoughts and ideas symbolically- which is a more playful, creative and hands-on way of engaging pupils of all abilities.

· You talking to me? Intelligent communication. Tish Cooney, from Spasholt College in Winchester, covered the art of intelligent communication and helped demonstrate that we’re all able to build positive relationships to support good communication.

· Becoming a trauma informed school. Maria Taylor from Wishmore Cross Academy explored a greater understanding of trauma and/or adverse childhood experiences and of the impact on young people’s regulation, relationships, wellbeing and learning. The principles of effective support were covered, along with how to prevent secondary trauma and how to reflect on how staff experiences may affect their responses to pupils.

Overall, it was a hugely busy day – with a packed agenda and lots of opportunity to discover new ways to understand and manage both our own and our learner’s behaviour. We look forward to the challenge of making the next conference, in 2021, even bigger and better.


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