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Consistency, Culture and Care. The 2019 Behaviour Conference

This week’s blog post is written by Geoff Turner, Communications and Marketing Director at CPI.  Here he shares exciting news and information about our upcoming Conference centred on Consistency, Culture and Care.

“If you’re already a Pivotal Instructor, we hope that you can join us on Thursday 21st November for our 2019 Conference, which will take place this year in Birmingham. With a focus on leadership in behaviour and creating consistency in your school or college, the conference promises a great mix of keynote presentations and interactive workshops; giving you the perfect opportunity to network and share your own good practice.

Already lined up to speak are Dr Tim O’Brien, Honorary Senior Lecturer and Visiting Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at UCL, Institute of Education; and Nina Jackson, Associate Director at Independent Thinking Ltd.

In a varied career, Tim O’Brien has been a senior leader in mainstream and specialist education, consulted to NHS Trusts, coached individuals and team in a range of global businesses and been a First Team Psychologist for three English Premier League Football Clubs. Tim’s first book about behaviour was published in 1998, and his most recent book ‘Inner Story’ focuses on understanding the mind. He gives keynotes nationally and internationally, and has won awards for his work in the field of emotional and behavioural needs. In a highly interactive session, he’ll take you on a journey inside your own head- and the heads of others-to illuminate why we think, feel and behave the way we do. Along the way you’ll be encouraged to look differently at emotions and behaviour within the context of your own professional and lived experience.

Nina Jackson’s work in the area of mental health and well-being has had an overwhelming impact on children, teachers and parents alike. She has rescued many who were on the brink of despair and given teachers the motivation to carry on when they were on the cusp of walking away from their careers. In a presentation titled ‘Behind the Behaviour’, Nina will draw on her own experiences of mental illness, in a no holds barred examination of the hidden ‘coded messages’ that need to be unravelled to support mental and emotional health and well-being.

Alongside these and other keynotes there are also workshops exclusively led by Pivotal Level 3 Instructors, covering a range of topics including:

  • Aligning Pivotal Strategies with Transition and Changing Stressors Across the Academic Year.
  • Graduated Response of Meeting the Mental Health and Well-being of young people.
  • Supporting Students with Mental Health issues.
  • Intelligent Communication in the classroom.
  • Being a Trauma-informed school.

More details to follow, which will be released on the event page shortly:

The cost of this full day event is just £99+ VAT per person.

We hope to see you there!”

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