Darrell Williams

Darrell Williams B.Ed.
Principal Trainer

Darrell has been a teacher for over 30 years. In that time he has been a Head of department, a Head of year, SENCo, assistant head and a local authority adviser for behaviour. Darrell has spent over 20 years working in London Schools working with some of the most challenging and difficult behaviours. This work has continued for Pivotal in its diversity and includes whole school INSET, working with individual teachers and entire departments in the classroom.

In the last year Darrell has worked with teachers across the UK and as far afield as Kenya, Uganda, Dubai and Brazil. In all of these settings Darrell’s work has been designed around the needs of the organisation, developing consistent approaches and inspiring teachers.

Throughout all the different organisations there is a common theme; the passion, energy and determination of teachers is inspiring time after time.

Darrell is an avid sports follower, his passions are Rugby (having captained east London Rugby Club) and Golf. His aim for the foreseeable future is to continue working with those people that do the most important job in our society today….teachers.

Our session led by Darrell was extremely motivating. As well as giving us new ideas he also made us look at ourselves and this led to some excellent self evaluation where we could see where things are going wrong currently. I loved some of the ideas he introduced and really hope we taken them on in our current setting. Usually dread training days but this was lively, interesting and very informative.”

Kerry Cussons, Skegness Academy

“I honestly wish the training could have been a couple of days and who EVER says that about training? Darrell was incredibly knowledgeable, quick thinking and had amazing principles that covered lots of different work situations- his style of delivery and personality brought everything together fantastically. The most useful training I’ve ever received. I hope the school book you again next year! Massive thanks to Darrell for the fantastic day (I’m most definitely ordering a Tibetan singing bowl for the stressful moments at work!)

Jasmine Bertie, Baby People