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Empowerment and ownership

This week, in the Pivotal Podcast, Paul responds to listeners’ questions, shares exciting news about new pivotal products and host Kevin reveals how the Pivotal Podcast can help you run a half marathon. There is a definite theme in this week’s podcast – the transformative power of encouraging people to take ‘ownership’ in school.

Paul reveals how setting up ‘crack display teams’ can develop pride in the environment and be a massive workload saver. Training pupils to look after classroom displays, giving them a budget, badges and responsibility can develop a sense of ownership and pride in school.

Responding to our old friend Benny Bagels’ disappointment of how his pupils’ don’t seem to be able to maintain the high standards of behaviour when they are out of his primary classroom Paul talks about how we can help pupils to take ownership of their behaviour. By using some of the techniques Pivotal promote such as recognising moments when someone demonstrates great self-discipline; making it clear that the behaviour was over and above expectations; makes this the behaviour that others aspire to. This empowers and gives ownership of positive behaviour to the individual freeing them from imposed control from an adult.

Delegating to children is a powerful tool and Pivotal’s new Behaviour Star boxes are designed to encourage children to recognise positive behaviour in others – giving children ownership of promoting positive behaviour amongst their peers.

Paul also shares exciting news about the new virtual training experience – Pivotal Flare and how just one of its many innovative features is about empowering staff to take control of their own CPD.

And you thought that it would be dull week because we didn’t have a guest!

Listen to the podcast now.

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