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Fast Track Recap By Ollie Frith

Framing the Pivotal Curriculum Fast Track as “0 to brilliant in 1 week” actually didn’t do the 24 committed and enthusiastic Instructors we had last week any justice.  In fact they were already incredible.  They didn’t start at zero but by the end of the exhausting yet fabulous week they certainly all were brilliant.  One of the most delightful things being a Pivotal Trainer is getting to work with exciting, creative and innovative educators from all over the world.  There is no convincing needed, they already get it…Kindness is key.  Teaching and learning without fear.  


I had the pleasure of spending 5 intensive days exploring, creating, discussing, presenting, sharing, playing, laughing, learning and so much more.  Pivotal Education has never delivered standard training and we have always believed that any training should feel like an experience you are glad you didn’t miss.  The Fast Track week is no exception and in fact, everyone in the pivotal team has worked hard to make it exceptional.  


The Pivotal Curriculum experience isn’t just a blueprint for how to improve behaviour in your school or college.  Educators who are already outstanding in their own roles get to become even better by challenging mindsets, questioning performance, understanding narrative and deconstructing communication on many levels.  


We encouraged our instructors to explore a range of pedagogical experiences most noteworthy the Hygge which with its relaxed and cosy feel, demonstrated that creating and sustaining positive learning environments doesn’t have to be restricted to desks, chairs and traditional classroom environments.   Our aim for the Fast Track was to give our 24 instructors an experience that not only digs deeply into organisational culture and change but provides an opportunity to further develop professionally with a view to evolving the way adults work with young people on a global level.

Something I took away from the Fast Track week is just how wonderfully committed Pivotal instructors are.  Spending a week in a hotel full of open minded people is such a positive experience where I couldn’t help but feed from the energy that is visibly present.  I don’t think I have ever witnessed such support, consideration, generosity, nurture, kindness and fun in one large group of people for that length of time before.  I feel confident that all of the young people who have the fortune of working with our Pivotal Instructors will no doubt have their lives improved and their educational experiences enhanced.  This is why we do what we do.  


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