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Flixton Girls School Impact Report

Flixton Girls’ School is a secondary school in Manchester. The school has been given the rating of ‘Good with Outstanding Features’, but their Deputy Head and Pivotal Instructor, Dorothy Trussell believes that whatever stage a school is at, it needs to have effective behaviour management “Behaviour management is so much more than whether the children are good or naughty – it’s the whole attitude to learning and the whole culture of the school”

Since introducing Pivotal Curriculum in September 2015, Dorothy describes how the school seems calmer and recognises that the girls focus on their learning much more, with less disruption in lessons. Parents also appreciate the changes; they are pleased to be contacted with positive news – particularly those who Dorothy describes as ‘the quiet middle’ – the ones who often go unnoticed.

The impact of the programme shows consistent and ongoing improvement in exclusion, detention and attendance. Lateness has also been reduced, if a girl is late they now spend 10 minutes with the form tutor in a restorative session where they learn to take responsibility for their actions; this has proved to be much more effective than the one hour detentions that used to be issued, reducing lateness by 50%.

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