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Fochriw Primary – Impact Report

Fochriw Primary embedded a Pivotal Instructor as part of a county-wide local government initiative for 90 schools. Sharon Pascoe, the Headteacher, reports calmer attitudes from learners who are developing skills in taking responsibility for their own behaviour, and loosing less learning time especially at the start of lessons. There has been a decrease in low level disruption and the staff have taken a systematic approach to data collection to ensure they can focus attention where it is most needed. The numbers of learners who were considered to have persistent behavioural concerns halved within a term; drastic shifts in behaviour which has “turned things around”.

The Pivotal programme has had a massive impact on behaviour in the school.

“Children are developing a more responsible, thoughtful attitude towards how they behave and conduct themselves. We have noticed there is a much calmer atmosphere in school. There has also been a more noticeable change in staff; there is a greater sense of solidarity as we are now all reading from the same page”.

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