Hannah Hall

Hannah Hall  MA, BA(hons), PGCE, NASENCO
Principal Trainer

Hannah is a Coach, Adviser, Trainer and Teacher, and in her 18 years in Education has held a number of senior roles within schools and local authorities. These have included, most recently, Vice Principal in an inner city Alternative Provision, Assistant Head teacher for Inclusion, SENCo, Behaviour and Attendance Consultant and lead practitioner for SEAL. In these roles Hannah has worked at both strategic and operational levels in partnership with pupils, parents, school leads, teachers, teaching assistants and other Educational, Health and Care professionals.

Hannah’s specialism is in SEND and Behaviour, and she provides bespoke coaching, training and support for various schools across the UK- including Alternative Provision and Teaching Alliances. Alongside this she provides voluntary classroom support in several schools. Underpinning her career has been the passionate and focused belief that the emotional well-being, resilience and safety of all pupils including our most vulnerable and troubled young people and families is key to ensuring aspirations, access and achievement.

Hannah’s own “pivotal journey” began when she was a new SENCo at a very challenging urban secondary school back in 2010. Paul Dix & Ollie Frith delivered a ‘Train the Trainers’ programme to a number of key staff and from that moment she was hooked. Having quickly implemented the techniques into her own practice she then followed the podcasts and twitter feed for several years before plucking up the courage to join the team!

Listen to Hannah in action here:

Key Areas:

  • Behaviour and Attendance
  • Teaching and Learning (Most recently Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SENCo, SEND reviews, Coaching, Training, Optimus SENIDA Adviser)
  • Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MPTA Licencee)
  • Emotion Coaching (Licenced Coach)
  • Parental Engagement and Partnership (Leading Parent Partnership Award Adviser)
  • Staff and Learner Wellbeing

“The training was thorough, engaging and extremely motivating. Paul and Hannah were both very charming, thought-provoking speakers with a terrific way of delivering the content.”

Oliver Cook, Premier Pathways

“Exceptionally high quality training with attention to every aspect of our stay for the training, from helping us to decide how to develop our presentation style to reminding us what a very special profession we are in, and giving us a little treat of staying somewhere so beautiful too. Every child needs their school to have this training.”

Becky Humphreys, SENCO

“I thought it was amazing. I have totally changed my attitude towards teaching and the way I talk to pupils because of it.  I am not allowing them to walk over me but definitely not shouting and using a far more nurturing approach. I know it has only been a week but I feel so much happier in myself.

Before pivotal training I used to moan at/get annoyed at pupils about who wouldn’t move seats/giving me back chat/causing issues whereas now I feel I have the proper training to actually comfort them and find out where the issue is and develop a strong relationship.

It was the most useful training session I have EVER done in my life and I’m only 2 years out of NQT stage so I’ve had lots of training!


A member of staff, St David’s School.