Ten top tips from Paul Dix

Detention, duties and instant exclusion are all so last century. Transform behaviour by tweaking your practice with 10 thoroughly modern, practical and simple ideas.

  1. Take the time to explain the parameters of the relationship that you are offering
  2. Use positive notes properly, use positive phone calls consistently
  3. Repair damage to relationships with skilled reparation
  4. Develop policy through mini action research projects
  5. Widen the range of strategies available for really tricky customers
  6. Focus conversations on learning, not behaviour
  7. Use a praise board and get more of the behaviour that you notice most.
  8. Reward children for behaviour that is over and above minimum standards
  9. Directly teach the behaviours that your students need to succeed.
  10. Train students to take over duties, enhance use of prefects/peer behaviour interventions


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