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Hot Choc Friday



Pupils up for the cup with Pivotal Education’s Hot Chocolate Friday


Gone are the days of waiting outside the Head Teacher’s office, palms sweaty and heart thumping as you wait to receive punishment. Now learners are competing to see who will be called to the office first and it’s all thanks to Pivotal Education’s Hot Chocolate Friday.

Pivotal Education believes in recognising positive behaviour in schools. To give first attention to the very best conduct.

The idea of Hot Chocolate Friday is for the Head to invite a learner who has gone ‘over and above’ during the week to share a hot drink and a chat together. It’s an opportunity to spend time with members of the school who get on quietly but don’t always get the recognition they deserve. And what better way to end the end the working week that with your hands around a mug of warm, comforting chocolate, especially on a cool Autumn day.

Pivotal’s director Paul Dix came up with the idea as a way of celebrating positive behaviour.

‘Hot Chocolate Friday is a ripple of recognition in your school that starts at the top. It highlights pupils who have gone ‘over and above’, celebrates the forgotten pupils and delivers pride not pounds,’ he said.

‘Head Teachers can nominate their own or another school to receive a gift pack which consists of a mug emblazoned with ‘Hot Chocolate with the Head,’ two sachets of hot chocolate, a coaster and a hand-written card.

Following the success of first Hot Chocolate Friday on September 16th, many Heads have promised to keep the new tradition going throughout the school year with invitations for up to six pupils at a time.

Social media site Twitter has been abuzz with success stories and Heads are reporting that behaviour had already improved in a bid to be in with a chance of being chosen.  Schools have taken to the social media site using the hashtag #HotChocFri to report successes and to nominate colleagues in other schools to receive the gift pack. Parents have also picked up on the trend and have been nominating their children’s schools to receive the gift pack.

‘Hot Chocolate Friday encapsulates the Pivotal approach,’ added Paul who is delighted with the results so far.  ‘Staff and pupils love it!’ And judging by the flood of photos and comments on Twitter, Hot Chocolate Friday is here to stay!

If you’d like to receive a Hot Chocolate Friday gift pack yourself or nominate a school then send Pivotal a message with your nomination and don’t forget to tweet the results using the hashtag #HotChocFri


See below images of other headteachers, Who have gotten involved with #HotChocFri

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screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-57-25 screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-56-51

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  1. I regularly give my students hot choc. after a day’s study for their BTEC Levels 1 and 2 Child Care courses. It has been a very beneficial treat and something which they look forward to. It certainly motivates them and creates a kind, nurturing and caring environment.

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