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Hugh Myddleton Impact Report

Hugh Myddleton is a primary school in London. The Assistant Head Teacher, Annabel Le Moine, is a Pivotal Instructor who has made significant changes to behaviour management with a year of Pivotal practice.

Hugh Myddleton decided to focus on behaviour management when exclusions had hit an all-time peak and it is Annabel’s opinion that the school was “losing control”. She believes the heart of the problem was the focus on punitive sanctions and their behaviour policy which was “too wordy, too long, and no one read it”.

They soon started to see improvement, and now things have been transformed. A significant part of the impact came from teachers taking responsibility for poor classroom behaviour and dealing with it themselves rather than referring it to senior leaders, using restorative practice and recognition for appropriate behaviour. Now only high risk behaviour is referred to phase leaders and behaviour is only reported to the SLT if it needs to be.

“Since the launch of Pivotal Education at Hugh Myddelton in January 2016, there has been an 85% reduction in behaviour incidents! We firmly believe that the key to success is consistency of approach and adult behaviour. If you are all on board then it works – Hugh Myddelton is proof of that. Thanks to the continued professional support from the Pivotal team, I am confident that our behaviour will be outstanding in no time!”

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