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It’s All Behaviour

Tara Elie
Tara Elie: Creative Lead and Principal Trainer

This week’s blog post is written by Tara Elie- It’s All Behaviour

On my return to work from maternity leave I have been able to look at the material I deliver and my teachers’ needs with “fresh eyes”. When dealing with the business of behaviour it occurred to me that educators are very naturally focused on the behaviours that can be called ‘bad’ behaviour, low level disruption, extreme behaviour, high tariff behaviour etc.

Yet there is an increasing number of learners who don’t fit into any of that list and yet are not engaging to their full potential, the students referred to as the coaster, or at worse the ‘grey’ students. Sitting quietly, not being noticed, disappearing into the background while attention seeking behaviour dominates is also a behaviour. Does the Pivotal material address them? I can say wholeheartedly that it is does.

They need to engage with their teacher before the lesson starts with an enthusiastic meet and greet at the door to know they are seen, valued and the teacher knows their name! They need to be noticed first for doing the right thing; being engaged by first attention to best conduct. They need to feel that the behaviour policy speaks to them through fair and just use of the reward systems and a culture in the school that says “I see you”.

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