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Join the Shakey Hand Gang!

Jo Marychurch: Marketing and Communications Executive

We kick off our first blog post of 2019 with a fresh new start. If you’ve been on Twitter recently you might have seen this tweet from Paul Dix:

“The start of a new week, so why not start the week with a smile and a handshake at the door for each child? #ShakeyHandGang #AdultsChange”





If you haven’t seen the tweet, or for those unfamiliar with the Shakey Hand Gang, teachers (and whole schools) across the country and beyond have pledged to introduce a simple meet and greet to welcome their learners into the classroom/school gates each day.

Being that friendly face who greets learners day after day, creates an interaction that builds relationships and makes learners feel valued. Whether it is a fist bump, handshake, wave or smile the message is still the same. Why not trial it for a week and see what happens? Help your class by modelling good behaviour, praising those who have gone over and above. Investing in this ritual and marking the formal start to the lesson sets the expectations- both yours and theirs. Simple ideas work best and they last. Think of the greeting as a clean slate; a fresh start to every lesson.

We’re delighted to feature Denbeath Primary School on our blog this week. Here are Primary 1 in action:


Help to refocus those key ideas and values you wish to promote in your setting- especially the first of the Five Pillars-: Consistent, calm adult behaviour.

The Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice

  1. Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  2. First attention to best conduct
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripted interventions
  5. Restorative follow up

After all and if nothing else, isn’t it simply a nice way to start every day?

We need you: Does your classroom have a meet and greet routine?  Do you want to be featured in our blogs? Why not share a video with us and join the Shakey Hand Gang. Tag @pivotaled and use the hashtag #shakeyhandgang.

Want more information about the meet and greet exercise? You can get your copy of When the Adults Change here

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