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Kevin Bachan-Singh – ‰’Our Man From The PRU‰’ (Pupil Referral Unit) – PP84

 The topic of the week is Kevin Bachan-Singh – ‘Our Man From The PRU’ (Pupil Referral Unit).


Kevin Bachan Singh is a co-head at a Pupil Referral Unit in London, UK.

In this interview, he shares with Paul some of the most important aspects of working in a PRU, as well as his own, fascinating life story.

Unfortunately, the audio in this interview isn’t as good as our normal quality but I hope you can still hear what Kevin says as it provides an amazing view inside an English PRU as well as dispelling some common myths about the work of these crucial establishments.

Pivotal Podcast Pocketbooks

PEpocketbook-BUNDLE2Newly-created Pivotal Podcast Pocketbooks are now available from Amazon including one on Restorative Practice. There will be a huge range of Pocketbooks from Pivotal Education, starting with the edited transcripts of some of the most popular episodes of the podcast.

The idea of releasing written versions of episodes came from listeners who wanted to be able to make notes and use the content in different ways. If you would like a particular episode to be converted into an ebook, please let us know!


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